Sunmi has talked about her career goal when appearing in the cover of Cosmopolitan to mark their 20th anniversary.

Sunmi, who has been working hard, including “pporappappam” and “When We Disco, decorated the cover of the September issue of Cosmopolitan. Wearing a tube-top dress, the singer stared at the camera with her dreamy eyes. She came to the set with a shy smile, gave off a variety of charms with seriousness and playfulness, contemplating hand gestures and poses to mark the 20th anniversary of Cosmopolitan’s founding.


Sunmi, who debuted early, is also preparing to celebrate her 20th anniversary after 6 years. She replied, “I did not expect I could be active for that long. But now is not an era where I can’t do anything because I’m old. I need to work hard not to become an” inherent. I want to be a long-lived solo female singer,” she replied strongly.

When asked if she knows that she is a female artist who has attracted a lot of women to join her fanbase, the singer looked proud as she said, “They say that ‘Women like pretty and cool women.’ Thinking about how that’s what they think of me makes me happy.”


The pretty singer became the “Solo Queen” after her transfer to the agency, succeeding in a three-part series of box office hits with “Gashina,” “Heroine” and “Siren.” Sunmi, who has captivated the public with her unconventional stage performance, grip, and clear concept, is making an unrivaled move with her “Sunmi Pop” featuring her own identity firmly.

Meanwhile, pictorials and interviews with Sunmi and Cosmopolitan can be met in the Cosmopolitan September issue.