Our routines have definitely changed for the past month. We’re spending more time at home than ever before in order to contribute to our community’s safety. Stay-At-Home outfits inspo from K-Pop idols to Keep it fashion indoors

From what we eat, to how we connect with other people, and what we wear on the daily, things are a bit different now for all of us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep on experimenting! Stay-At-Home in calls for comfy, useful, and multifaceted outfits you can wear all day long for all the activities you can get involved in while at home, from a morning video-call to a workout session or a virtual gathering with friends. In search of some inspo to come up with some fun-yet-comfy looks to stay at home in style? Take inspo from these idols and their cozy looks!

Two-Piece Sets

No matter if you choose a mix-and-match set or simply tops and bottoms that match colors, going for monochrome looks is always an easy yet stylish way to spark up your style while keeping it comfortable.


Pajama Style

No matter if we’re talking about clothes inspired in pajama patterns, or simply pajamas, staying comfortable is goal number one, and there are ways to do it in style!


Oversized Everything

Moving around the house, we definitely want to be able to move around without feeling too tight. If you wanna add a touch of street to your at-home outfits but still stay comfy, try to wear oversized pieces together! Always stylish and ready to snug.