Shin Se Kyung showed off her charisma through the magazine and shared her feelings when to be the first actress earning 1 million hearts on Youtube.

On August 19th, Shin Se Kyung’s management company Tree Doctors announced the actress’s photo of Elle.


The press was done with the concept showing Shin Se Kyung’s inherent charisma. The personal YouTube channel of her contains a natural image of the first girl to reach 1 million views not long ago. In the published pictorial picture, Shin Se Kyung completed an outfit with the opposite feel like a satin jacket and saw, black shoes with a check color suit and a cream-colored wool dress.

In the interview conducted together, the Korean actress achieved 1 million YouTube followers for the first time, and at the same time expressed her sincere mood about her dignity and acting as an actress.


The actress said, “I feel the same way (after reaching 1 million subscribers). Still, it seems to be more precious and precious than feeling it. I’ve been congratulated by so many people. I think I just wanted to show myself as I am”. The actress also talked about the reason why she started sharing her daily life on YouTube for the first time, “I think I achieved my dream of communicating with people honestly through YouTube to some extent.”

Then, she said, “I’m a person who tries to be honest. I think I’ve played the character of Wannabe so often. I want to be a harmless person and a person who doesn’t harm others.


On the other hand, Shin Se Kyung is currently filming the drama Run On (JTBC).