Ryu Jun Yeol showed off his different looking as well as talked about his upcoming movie and his campaign with Green Peace Korea in a recent pictorial and interview with Dazed magazine.


Ryu Jun Yeol is currently shooting a film called “Alien” (working title), directed by Choi Dong Hoon. He said, “The movie is somewhat unusual and unique, and it’s fun as well. I’m certain that viewers will enjoy the film. It’s familiar, but it has mysterious elements. It’ll be a film that you can enjoy comfortably.”

He added, “These days, there aren’t even specific genres for films. Because — action, comedy, thrillers, melodramas — they’re all mixed. This one is an interesting one that you can’t define with just one genre.


Ryu Jun Yeol also shared his love for travel, saying, “Traveling is a time when I ask myself what ‘beauty’ is. But there are so many layers to ‘beauty.’ The way I look at life, the people that I meet, and the stories that I can tell as a result… thinking deeply about these things, it’s similar to my story. Traveling is kind of a way to ‘cheat’ in order to improve myself and my story. The people I meet and the situations I encounter while traveling are my sources of ‘beauty.’”


The actor, who supports Green Peace Korea and is part of the organization’s plastic free movement, talked about the major Korean supermarket Lotte Mart joining the movement and planning to reduce use of single-use plastic by 50 percent by 2025.


He said, “I was so happy to hear about [the company] joining the campaign. If a large company with a lot of influence takes a stand, then consumers are bound to join as well. If the other major marts also join, there wouldn’t be anything better. I don’t believe that this campaign is an ‘environmental campaign.’ I think it’s more of a message that we should take time to think about the things that we’ve always been doing subconsciously, which will in itself be of great help.”