Fat can accumulate under your chin, causing an imbalance in the face. Having a fat face makes you lose confidence in daily communication, directly affecting your psychological health. Do you want to have a slim face like Park Shin Hye?


Today there are many methods to help you lose face fat. However, most of those methods cost a lot of money and can leave dangerous health consequences. Using ice cubes is one of the safe and effective ways, however, to help you have a slim face.

How can ice cubes reduce face fat?

Ice is used to help blood circulate better, reduce inflammation and edema. According to scientific studies, face fat may come from poor circulation of blood vessels in the face, which causes cells to retain water, inflating your face.

In addition, scientists have shown that drinking ice water a lot requires the body’s to burn calorie to regulate the temperature. Therefore, it helps the body burn more calories, supporting face fat reduction.

In addition, ice cubes can help your skin become firm, prevent sagging and aging. They also help tighten pores and soothe inflammation caused by acne. Thanks to that, the skin becomes smooth and healthy.

Slim your face by drinking cold water


When you drink ice, the temperatures inside and outside the body becomes different. To balance the temperatures, the body must consume calories. There is always a layer of excess fat under the skin to keep the body warm. When the body temperature drops below 37 degrees Celsius, this layer of fat is burned to balance the body temperature.

Therefore, with just a few glasses of ice water per day, it will not only help you to feel refreshed, but also support your weight loss and face fat reduction effectively. However, you should not drink too much cold water to avoid sore throat, bronchitis…

Apply ice cubes to reduce face fat


Ice stimulates the production of regenerative collagen, nourishes the skin from deep within. Ice also helps lift your muscle, making your skin firm and smooth. The temperature of ice cubes has the ability to burn, break down the fat formation link, contributing to the rapid elimination of excess fat in the face.

How to do it: After washing your face clean, you just need to put a little ice in a soft towel and gently massage it on the face for about 10 minutes. Within 1 week, you will see a noticeable effect.

Massage your face directly with ice cubes


With this method, you apply ice cubes directly to your face rather than through a towel. It will help blood flow better, reduce inflammation or facial edema due to water retention.

How to do it: After washing your face thoroughly, hold some ice cubes and apply directly to the skin and gently massage the face for about 10 minutes. This should be done 1-2 times / day for optimal effect.

Those are simple and effective ways to help you get rid of face fat with ice cubes. Let’s try it!