Joy from girl group Red Velvet has shown off her lovely addicted beauty with the best visual in high-teen movies through many photos on her private SNS account.

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Joy posted several photos on her Instagram account on August 12th, along with emoticons on the captions.


In the published photo, Joy disguised herself as a beret hat, patterned skirt and shorts. Many have focused attention on Joy’s cuteness, reminiscent of the heroine of Hitin.

In other photos, Joy is proud of the smile on her brand eyes and radiates bright energy.


Netizens showed reactions like “How could it be so beautiful“, “How can it be so beautiful”, “How could I be the prettiest out of the girl group members“. ..

On the other hand,, the young pretty singer is currently active in many areas such as participating in the entertainment program ‘The Salty Tour‘ (tvN).