Lovelyz’s member Jeong Ye In is wowing fans with her latest hairstyle!

Via online community forums and media outlets, netizens are talking about Jeong Ye In’s new bob, the shortest length of hair that the idol has ever tried. On her personal Instagram, she posted a series of photos with her new look, along with a clip of her getting the actual haircut.


In the video, she wrote: “Bye…my long hair…I don’t particularly have regrets.


Fans shared comments such as,

She looks SO good with that cut

It looks pretty especially because it’s jet black!

Wow, I think she would look even prettier with a short cut

I actually prefer the long hair but it’s Ye In so she’s pretty with anything

Such a straight, sharp cut — makes me wanna cut my hair as well

Do you prefer Jeong Ye In with short hair or long hair? Compare the photos below! Meanwhile, Lovelyz is getting ready to make their comeback with the 7th mini-album, ‘Unforgettable‘, on September 1 KST.

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