Actor Lee Kwang Soo showed off the modern atmosphere through a new pictorial of Harper’s Bazaar!

On July 29, the agency company King Kong by Starship published many photos for Lee Kwang Soo ‘s pictorial in the August issue Harper’s Bazaar fashion magazine.


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In the photos, Lee Kwang Soo is looking straight at the camera with a simple and neat look when combining many delicate costumes. He sat on the chair, posed comfortably, and blended in with the warm atmosphere like a movie. In the next photo, Lee Kwang Soo showed off his dashing appearance in a natural striped shirt and sweater, using a long necktie as a highlight and showing his diverse look.

Reportedly, that day, he posed professionally in accordance with his concept, and during his break, he diligently observed the equipment and enthusiastically took photos himself.