On September 18, singer Lee Hi posted a series of new photos on her personal Instagram and quickly made fans feverish.


This series of images marked a bold and sexy transformation of singer Breathe after leaving the “big man” YG Entertainment and after a long period of being criticized by Knet for being poor and overweight.


In the photo, the female singer born in 1996 shows off a beautiful beauty with shiny skin, dreamy eyes and red lips. But the most prominent is the hot round 1, Lee Hi wears a croptop to highlight a full and sexy round, showing off her slim waist and personality tattoos. And yet, she also revealed a part of lingerie, making fans even more “nasal spray”.


Lee Hi was born in 1996, debuted under YG Entertainment in 2012 and left the company in 2019. Although she has a “non-medium” talent, the female singer is often criticized by Korean netizens. when overweight.

After signing a contract with the new company AOMG, Lee Hi has become more and more transformative, her beauty is noticeably more beautiful, sexy and attractive.


Lee Hi was previously criticized for being poor in color and overweight.


Now, she has transformed into a very beautiful, daring, and much more attractive look.