Krystal has updated a photo on Instagram account, expressing her sexy charisma with a sexy pose and drawing a lot of attention after the news to leave SM Entertainment.

In the published photo, the young pretty singer-actress is showing off a provocative look on her leopard shirt. In particular, the dizzying sexy beauty attracts more and more eyes. The long black hair is also the ultimate weapon that helps the singer-actress become sexier.


Netizens showed diverse reactions such as “You look so pretty!“, “Look dizzy on the Krystal Hopi motif“, “Let’s hurry back” …


On the other hand, after debuting in 2009 with the girl group f (x), Krystal has been active in acting at the same time since working in the group. And on August 19th, she announced to leave SM Entertainment after 10 years to focus more on her acting career.