Lee Ji Eun or better known as IU, is a singer and actress from South Korea whose popularity is increasing by the day. IU was born on May 16th, 1993, and her own stage name has meaning and is a combination of the words “I and You” where the meaning of the words if put together, will be the word “we,” which is one unit. The singer is also successful in television dramas, some of which are, Dream High, The Producers, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and Pretty Man. 

In addition to singing and acting, IU is also a brand ambassador of a few well-known brands. Some of them are the famous soju brand, Jinro Chamisul, Samsung, GUESS, and SK Telecom telephone provider. IU is indeed an artist who has many talents, besides singing and acting she can also dance, play the guitar and also be a very entertaining host. At the 2018 Golden Disk Awards, IU’s single “Through the Night” won the “Song of the Year” award, one of the two grand prizes at the event.

IU’s Hairstyles

Lee Ji Eun, or as we are more familiar with her stage name IU, is known for her hairstyles that always inspire women. IU has many hairstyles that many people, especially women, can emulate, ranging from long hair, short, curly, to messy hair. Here are some photos of her different hairstyles!

1. Shoulder length hair

IU’s first hairstyle was very simple, she looked fresh and like a high school teenager. Moreover, she only wore a plain white shirt, her hair looked rather brown and had side bangs. Besides looking fresh, this hairstyle also gives the impression that IU’s face is chubby.

2. Medium-Length Hair with Bangs

Actually, medium-length hairstyles are very popular among Korean women, especially with bangs. IU also follows this trend, and if before her hair was shoulder length, now her hair is slightly above the shoulders with bangs. With this hairstyle, the shape of IU’s face can be clearly seen, which is oval with cheekbones that are slightly chubby.

3. “BBIBBI” Hairstyles

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As usual, each MV of IU is characterized by pastel colors like the “BBIBBI” MV. Not only the MV is pretty good, but IU is trying out various hairstyles in it as well. One such example is shown in the photo above where IU is dressed completely in yellow, she is wearing a yellow bandana and her hair is tied into two Korean buns, accessorized with a pair of large hoop earrings. She looks very cute with that hairstyle!

Still covering IU’s hairstyles from the MV of “BBIBBI.” If her hair was tied in buns before, now her hair is unraveled and she has colorful threads braided in her hair strands. This is one of IU’s hairstyles that is very unique though and she still looks beautiful.

3. Long Hair

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In the photo above, we can see IU with a very different hairstyle, namely, she has long hair, slightly wavy and partly colored in red. IU looks really fierce with red hair, and she looks thinner with long hair.

In the drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, the actress has long straight hair for her role of Hae-soo in the popular historical drama. In the drama, IU has black and long hair under the chest that makes her look very cute and is enhanced by the traditional Korean clothes she wears.

Tips and Tutorials

Actually, there are no specific tips and tutorials for having hair like IU, only IU often changes her hairstyle by lengthening her hair, cutting it short, or coloring her hair. No matter what hairstyle she wears, it won’t reduce her beauty!


Lee Ji-eun or IU, has an Instagram social media account with the username @dwlrma. The following are some of the photos posted on IU’s Instagram!