Goo Hye Sun drew attention by showing off her seductive charm with a more mature atmosphere as well as her lovely appearance in line with the concept of “Bloom Again” on Tenstar.

The actress, in particular, lost 14 kilograms and stood in front of the camera with a refreshing visual that reminded her of her debut. “I’m nervous because it’s been a long time since I’ve had a photo shoot,” she said. “I’ve been on a diet and I’ve tried to go back to what I used to be.”


“I didn’t like to rest, but I think I’ve been lazy for a while. These days, I try to do anything but sleep. I think I can rest when I die,” she said with a smile.

She has returned to college since she went to a British language course earlier this year. “I used to work without a soul, but now I’m working with a soul. When I was in my 30s, I learned how to admit and put it down, but now I can’t put anything down. I’m thinking about living an uncomfortable life for myself“. She also shared, “There is a prejudice that there will be no possibility after turning 30 years old, but the past days were all young days. I’m looking forward to the future more.”


Goo Hye Sun also showed her gratitude to her recent divorce, “There are many people who think divorce is unfortunate, but I think differently. If a hopeful fantasy is a marriage, I think it’s divorce to realize the reality. I think of a way to be happy again if I hit the bottom like the moment I head to the ground. I have the desire and courage to make my life perfect.”

The actress said she is planning to release her album in September. “I want to do the work quickly, but I’m waiting. I’m preparing to meet the public by making comfortable New Age music that’s not trendy.”