Go Ara releases black and white photoshoots which shows off her breathtaking in alluring gaze and unique sophistication.


 The actress is drawing attention with her seductive eyes and atmosphere in a black-and-white mood that contrasts with the September issue of Marie Claire. In particular, Go Ara‘s unique energy and natural concept created a perfect combination to complete a dramatic pictorial.


In an interview with the pictorial, Go Ara said about the criteria for selecting the work, “I’m not afraid to try new things. As time goes by, the roles that I can play become more diverse, so I hope I can continue to meet new roles that suit my appearance”.


Also, regarding “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” which is about to be aired, she said, “The set is always new, and since it’s a romantic genre, I feel like I’m getting my love cells back. I hope you love it a lot.”