The “selfie with a face mask” photo album G-Dragon (BIGBANG) posted on his personal Instagram was really ahead of its time.


During this increasingly complicating COVID-19 crisis, face mask is an essential item for everyone to protect their health, as well as others’. Luckily, face mask can also be a fashionable accessory. You’re wondering why? Well, let’s see how the “fashion king” of Korea takes a selfie with a face mask!


For the stars of the Korean entertainment industry, perhaps masks have become an indispensable accessory every time they go out – to avoid the attention of paparazzi or fans, or to hide their ‘without makeup face’. G-Dragon is also one of many stars who are loyal to the mask – the male idol almost always cover his face every time he goes outside.


However, despite wearing a mask, his love for selfies is still very strong. Just only his two opening eyes, G-Dragon is still able to show his cool charisma and personality.

Sometimes even his two eyes are hidden. (Image: IG)
Hi, is this shot impressive enough?

When wearing a mask that looks too boring, the male idol born in 1988 also renewed the concept with “cool” accessories. Glasses, hats, bow or even a new hair color, G-Dragon used it all!

A red mask and red hair.
Make it a bit blurry, right?
He even wears a headband.
A very original picture.
 Is this concept perfect, guys?

These are not new photos of G-Dragon during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the set of selfies and masks have been collected by netizens while watching the male idols’ personal account. Once shared, the “selfie with a mask” photo album of G-Dragon received thousands of comments expressing admiration.