A former K-Pop idol said that many idols feel dissatisfied with their outfits, but they dare not speak up if they are rookies.

Idols’ outfits are always among of the most common worries of K-Pop fans. Every time they see their idols wear questionable clothes, fans criticize the stylist and the company. But there are many questions that also arise such as: In this case, is it entirely the fault of the stylist? Do idols really accept and wish to wear such clothes? Will they have a say in the company when it comes to their outfits?

NCT had to wear confusing and aesthetically unpleasing outfits many times.

Recently, this issue has been answered by a former idol, Christine, through her YouTube video. Christine is a former member of girl group Blady, which was active for 4 years. In the latest video in a series of videos that reveal the secrets of K-Pop idols, she received questions from viewers about the stylist and outfit issues.

The question that fans asked the most was: “Can K-Pop idols speak up about the styles and outfits they want?” And Christine’s answer was that it’s possible, but it depends on the age of the idol.

Christine – a former K-Pop idol revealed the truth about idols’ outfits and the stylist’s responsibilities.

In particular, if an idol is a rookie, then he or she has to follow the arrangement of the stylists and the company. When they have been active long enough, idols can freely talk with the stylists about what they like, what they feel comfortable with, from costumes to hairstyle or make-up.

Christine recalled that when she was a rookie, most of her colleagues did not dare to tell the stylists that they did not like the outfits, because it would be rude. However, there are times when rookies have a say – when the company let them.

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For example, when she was a member of Blady, the agency Star Planet Entertainment held a meeting between the members and staff as well as the CEO. There, they could speak up and comment on their outfits if they were not satisfied. These comments can then be indirectly forwarded to the stylists.

However, such meetings don’t happen all the time. There have been a lot of times when K-Pop idols had to wear outfits that are too unattractive, too sexy, or have controversial images and words. It can be noticed that serious outfits controversies often happen with rookie idols. And now we understand that it is entirely the stylists’ responsibility, because rookie idols don’t get to choose what they wear.

Uchae (Nature) had to wear a croptop with inappropriate text.

Then what about idols who have been in the industry for many years? They can give suggestions, Christine answered, but their power are still very limited. “Being straightforward can create unpleasant situations and make the stylists unhappy.” There are many idols that take a lot of time to truly ‘befriend’ the stylists before they can freely comment on the outfits.

Despite being a long-standing group, TWICE still seems to have not befriended the stylists, if we look at these outfits.

Many fans also asked, “What would idols do if they didn’t like their outfit?” And Christine responded that she is not sure if those idols dare to tell the stylists, but many idols complain about it with the group members behind the stage.

Christine recounted: “We would talk with the members, like ‘I really hate my outfit today!’, or ‘My outfit is bad today!’. They can only complain to the members. I’ve heard a lot of other idols talk like that backstage.”