Noticing that, Jennie‘s casual style mostly revolves around costumes that wear blue and white colors.

Referring to Jennie, we can immediately remember the luxurious and fashionable girl who often created hot trends that made people love each other. However, if you follow the singer’s real-life photos, you will realize that she doesn’t dress too fussy, even just works on a blue-white combo.

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Here are some of perfect Blue mix&match style from her:

1. T-shirt + two-string skirt

Different from those when mixing on stage, Jennie’s daily life style is quite simple but still extremely cute. The formula of T-shirt + two-string skirt like Jennie is the familiar dress up many girls love.


2. Plain t-shirt + simple long skirt


3. Crop top + jeans

The crop top mix with jeans is also a familiar formula that any girl can easily copy from Jennie.


4. Hoodies + dungarees

Dressed in lovely overalls and hoodies, she also deliberately chose items with blue-white color.


5. Blue long-skirt + white sneaker

When going on a dewy picnic, just dressed in a long skirt with a white sneaker, Jennie had the beautiful outfit that everyone wanted to imitate.


Looking at Jennie, dressed in blue-white costume, this is a pretty combo for daily wear. Both 2 colors have a cool feeling, suitable for many skin tones. If you prefer a more discreet style, you can wear a skirt / long skirt. If you like sexy style, then hugging clothes, skinny pants like Jennie.