BoA was selected as the September muse of Vogue Korea with two different concepts for the 20th anniversary of her debut.


In this pictorial, BoA not only showed her natural and witty styling in a simple mood that reminds her of ordinary daily life but also showed her unique charm as a muse that inspires many people with her colorful and intense production.


In addition, BoA participated in the ‘HOPE’ project, which releases cultural contents collaborated with global celebrities in order to deliver a message of hope to readers who are experiencing a difficult time due to COVID-19. ‘Little Bird‘, written and composed on the theme of ‘Hope’, is expected to be released in the form of a music film, which is expected to attract attention.


In addition, BoA said about her self-composed song ‘Little Bird’: “I hope those who listen to the song will think of themselves in the past, present and future. I hope we all achieve our dreams through adversity. We need ‘Hope’ now,” and ‘Little Bird’ music film will be released on Vogue Korea‘s official YouTube channel on September 1.


Meanwhile, BoA’s honest story and colorful pictorials, which mark the 20th anniversary of her debut on August 25, can be found in the September issue of Vogue Korea.