You don’t need complicated poses like in fashion magazines to look outstanding on Instagram. Try these 6 simple poses from BLACKPINK Lisa and you will immediately have great pictures.


Beautiful, talented, with luxurious style, BLACKPINK members have always been fashion icons for young people throughout Asia. The 4 girls always have the best photos, even the simplest ones on their personal Instagram accounts. Especially Lisa, she always has a way to make her various pictures look unique. So, let’s take a lesson from Lisa’s poses!

Half body, close-up face shots

Lisa does not let the camera capture the front of her face. She tilts her head at an angle to reveal one of her shoulders. This technique is applied when Lisa wears a sleeveless dress that shows her sexy shoulders.


1. Tilt your head on one side, let your shoulder get near the lens, relax your arm to avoid showing big biceps, pretend to use your hand to tie your hair up to reveal your slim neck, pull your glasses down or little to show your attractive eyes.


2. Tilt your head, but now use both of your hands to tie your hair up, with your face looking straight into the camera. If you’re afraid of showing your not-so-thin waist, hold your breath to flatten your belly.


3. Again, show off one of your shoulders at a tilt angle like Lisa. This time, shrug slightly and lean back slightly, put your further hand on your forehead while smiling naturally. This pose is very useful for girls with a big face. If you are not confident with your waist, lean back more, you will look much slimmer.

Full body pictures showing off your outfit

Lisa, again, chooses to pose at an angle to show off her beautiful back.


4. With your legs standing straight up, turn your back at the lens, your back is slightly tilted to create a curvy waist, put your two hands gently in the pockets to create a slim effect for the waist. If you do not own sexy breasts, then you can step up one leg to make your legs look longer, while improving your chest area.


5. Put your hands on the wall and lean forward, tiptoe slightly and pay attention to flatten your belly, the other hand goes down the body, your face looking straight into the lens, slightly jut your chin out, open your lips. High waisted jeans will help you hide your waist if your’re unsure about it.


6. When wearing a skirt, Lisa skillfully sat on one side, with her legs stretched slightly to create the effect of long legs. Just sat slightly and do not cross your legs to avoid exposing your big thighs. If you want to have long slim legs in your pictures, without showing your big thighs, point your toes forward like Lisa.