Jennie (BLACKPINK) is one of the hottest female idol right now, and anything she does, anything she uses can make fans go crazy.

It is easy to recognize that Jennie is capable of taking on many different styles, whether it is cute or sexy. Jennie once surprised fans when she transformed from an adorable look to a more mature one in the blink of an eye. Recently, experts have pointed out the characteristics and features Jennie owns that make her easily fit both an attractive image and a lovely, sweet one.

Face shape

Jennie’s face shape comes with many advantages, although it does not meet the usual Korean beauty standards. She has a small round face and chubby cheeks. Her face is wide, with a small chin and round hairline. The upper half of her face gives a quite childish feeling.


But the special thing is that her face also has an angular jaw line, which makes the lower half of the female idol’s face look sharp and more mature. Jennie’s jawline is a prominent feature every time she wears charismatic makeups.


Eye shape

The shape of the eyes is also one of the traits that helps Jennie transform into many styles with ease. Her pupils make up most of the eye area, and she can use this advantage to deliver a sharp look.


Jennie’s eyes are very sexy and dreamy, but she has very strong eyelid muscles that help her open her eyes wide, creating an adorable look. Jennie’s fans all fall in love with her wide-open eyes.


Mouth, lips shape

The lips play a decisive role in creating a sexy or lovely look for Jennie. Her cute little mouth is really like that of a child. When Jennie smiled, her mouth and chubby cheeks made her shine even brighter.


In addition, the BLACKPINK member has a clear heart-shaped lips and outstanding lip lines, which give a luxurious and sexy look.



The last key is her teeth. The idol’s teeth are small, while her smile is wide. When Jennie closes her mouth, her childish smile disappears and her appearance becomes much more mature and attractive.

All these 4 elements combined give us the one and only Jennie, who can fit in both an adorable makeup style and a sexy one.