Talking about hairdressing trends, Korean girls are an ideal model for you to follow. Not only in real life but in Korean dramas, actresses also try all kinds of lovely cute hairstyles, from beachy waves, buns to ties… But no matter how creative, actresses in Korean dramas still seem to be most loyal to the 4 hairstyles below.

1. High / low bun

Son Ye Jin in ‘Something In The Rain’

For a cleaner face, a bun is definitely the perfect choice, especially on hot days in summer. Korean actresses have all sorts of buns but they tend to love high bun and low bun.

Suzy in ‘Vagabond’

High bun will bring a lovely old-fashioned look to girls such as Son Ye Jin in ‘Something In The Rain’. As for the low bun, it makes them look more free and classy. Suzy‘s bun in ‘Vagabond’ is a good example.

2. Ponytail

Jang Nara in ‘VIP’

Speaking of making yourself look younger, ponytail is the best. It is also the easiest hairstyle to do. Once you apply it, you will look more youthful and bright. Just take a look at IU in the photo below.

IU in ‘Hotel Del Luna’

3. Half tie

Gong Hyo Jin in ‘When the Camellia Blooms’

The feeling that half-tied hair brings is femininity, charm and youthfulness. If you have to sit in an air-conditioned room, half-tied hair is a neat enough choice, while keeping you comfortable.

Jeon So Nee in ‘When My love Blooms’

You can combine half-tied hair with thin bangs. This is a very simple and beautiful hairstyle for young girls. This combination brings a youthful, dynamic and extremely trendy look.

4. Plaited hair

Gong Hyo Jin in ‘When the Camellia Blooms’

Korean actresses are really fond of plaited hair because it is feminine, romantic and of course, cool enough to dress in the summer. You can wear almost any type of outfit when having plaited hair, but if you want a look that is gentle, a dress or oversized shirt… is the most ideal.