In the past and the earlier days of K-Pop, having double eyelids has been a facial feature that has been considered to be a standard that defined “beautiful”.

However, in recent times, that has changed that having large eyes without the double-eyelids has been the biggest beauty trend in 2020, as many cosmetic surgeons have talked about how the majority of people these days come in and ask to have their eyes enlarged without forming double eyelids.


So how did the trend in visual beauty come to change over time?

Thanks to some of the K-Pop idols out there in the industry who have been some of the most handsome men we’ve ever seen without double eyelids, there have been more people in South Korea who have been showing love towards non-double eyelid eyes, as it probably reminds them of anime characters.

Below are some of the idols who have set the ‘Eyes beauty trend in 2020’ that come to mind.


BTS V is one of those rare K-Pop idols who manages to attract the attention of fans of different idol groups. You take one look at him and you’ll instantly be drawn towards him, staring intently to see if it’s really possible for a human being to look this great.



JB is easily one of the hottest and most popular male idols in the industry. He’s prettier than most girls and is pretty much cute, handsome, and gorgeous all put together.


Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi was perhaps one of the first female idols that didn’t have double eyelids in SM Entertainment. SM is known to usually prefer visuals with double eyelids, but Seulgi clearly was an exception because she’s much too pretty and adorable to look at.