The eyebrow slit is no newcomer to the world of fashion and style. It has been sported by rockstars, hip hop artists, and cool people in general. There was a time in K-Pop that the eyebrow slit found its place within the K-Pop makeup industry, and during that time, several K-Pop artists, especially males, hopped on the bandwagon, taking on the eyebrow slit trend.

Not only did it add a chic edge to their look, but it also made them dangerously sexy. Here are some idols that sported the eyebrow slit and rocked the look too!


Perhaps one of the earliest proponents of the eyebrow slit was BIGBANG’s Taeyang. It is no surprise that Taeyang is a pioneer of style and fashion, and therefore, it is no shock that he did it first.


ATEEZ Hong Joong

Hoong Joong’s pearl eyebrow slit made waves in the K-Pop fashion industry and remains iconic. Glitter eyebrows were already a trend, and ATEEZ Hoong Joong took it a step further with studded pearls in his eyebrow slit.


MONSTA X Jooheon

Jooheon is an intimidating and badass rapper, as is. However, with the sleek eyebrow slit, it just makes the whole Jooheon experience even better. It just adds the perfect amount of edge to his already chic image.


NCT Taeyong and Yuta

Both Yuta and Taeyong have sported the eyebrow slit on different occasions, and needless to say, both of them looked proper amazing. Both of them are known for their performance and sharp features. As such, the eyebrow slit was the perfect addition.


STRAY KIDS Bang Chan and Changbin

Both Bangchan and Changbin took their already high style quotient to another level when they added the eyebrow slit to their look. Oftentimes it would be laid with glitter to add that extra factor.


EXO Baekhyun

EXO members are well known for trying new and different concepts every season and every comeback. It was not surprising to see Baekhyun jump on the trend of the eyebrow slit, and we must say, he delivered beautifully.



Seventeen DK opted for double eyebrow slits, and he carried it like a boss. Somehow it added to his sharp performance even more, as if that was possible. His facial expressions, too, seemed enhanced.


SHINee Taemin

Taemin was another gorgeous idol that took on the eyebrow slit trend. He also had double slits, which made it look like he had eyebrow piercings on. Knowing just how powerful and intense his performances are, the eyebrow slit was a perfect choice.


Got7 JB

JB is immensely experimental with his style. He is not afraid to try new things. As such, it wasn’t shocking at all to see him with the eyebrow slits and rocking them too.


WayV Lucas

WayV Lucas has an intense aesthetic while also being a complete baby. Therefore, he could pull off the eyebrow slit like a total pro in his stage performances and offstage.



While not precisely an idol, it would be wrong not to mention Dean in this list as his eyebrow slit is an ionic look.