There are countless ways to beautify your hair, but every style brings a different effect to your appearance. Most K-Pop idols have straight hair, but from times to times, they will try having wavy hair to refresh their look. Some of them don’t look that much different, but some really fit the wavy hair more. Take a look at the 12 “transformation” of K-Pop idols below.


Irene is beautiful with perfect lines, which is why she can try many different hairstyles being looking clumsy. From straight hair to frizzly wavy hair, nothing can trouble Irene. She always comes with a gorgeous visual and exudes a very charming aura.


Wavy hair can make many people look gorgeous, but it doesn’t really work well on IU. Because inherently she has a baby look, this hairstyle just doesn’t fit our “Nation’s little sister”.


The BLACKPINK member proves that no matter black or bright, straight or curly, her hair is equally beautiful.


The next member of BLACKPINK who can pull all hairstyles is Rosé. She is very femininely attractive with wavy hair. Meanwhile, there are many fans think that long straight hair helps bring out her charisma more.


Tzuyu is also one of the idols that can slay both the straight hair and wavy hair without looking awkward.


Taeyeon has challenged many different hairstyles. Wavy hair may not suit many people, but with Taeyeon everything is fine.


Wavy hair brings out the sexy and attractive beauty of Hwasa, and when she straightens her hair, she is equally beautiful.


Jang Won Young proved that wavy hair can fit many people if you do it just enough.


In turn, Yeri proves that her beauty is not ordinary, as her hair is still impressive with very wavy hair.


Yuqi from (G)-IDLE got more adorable when transitioning from straightened hair to wavy hair.


It can be said that everything on Jennie is pretty. However, she would be better off if she is loyal to her current straight hair, instead of choosing wavy hairstyles that don’t bring out her face very much.


Joy would look better with basic straight hair because her curly hair might not be as “fancy” .