Kang Ji Young and Lee Hak Joo will be joining Jung Il Woo for a new romance drama!

It was confirmed earlier that Jung Il Woo would be leading JTBC’s “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” (literal title). On April 27, Kang Ji Young and Lee Hak Joo were also confirmed to be starring in the drama.

“Late Night Snack Man and Woman” is a romantic comedy about a love triangle in which a man and a woman fight over the same man.


The upcoming drama will be Jung Il Woo’s first drama in one year since “Haechi.” Having already showcased his cooking skills through the variety show “Fun-staurant” (literal title), Jung Il Woo will be taking on the role of chef Park Jin Sung who runs the special late-night restaurant bistro72. Through an offer from his regular customer, producing director (PD) Kim Ah Jin (played by Kang Ji Young), he becomes the host of a cooking variety show (also titled “Late Night Snack Man and Woman”) while hiding a special secret. With his honest words and extraordinary cooking skills, chef Park Jin Sung will receive love from viewers all over the world.


As her first leading role in a Korean drama and her first domestic promotion in five years, Kang Ji Young will be taking on the role of the passionate PD Kim Ah Jin, a temporary variety PD who has been tirelessly running towards the goal of making her producing debut. Her only source of enjoyment in life is having a drink with delicious snacks at bistro72 after an exhausting day. Right before her contract expires, she receives the final chance to make the variety program “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” into a success.