Red Velvet sub-unit Irene, Seulgi have melted fans’ hearts by their overload cuteness when doing ‘aegyo‘ challenge in ‘Weekly Idol‘ show.

On the occasion of promoting the new song “Monster“, Red Velvet’s small group Irene & Seulgi appeared on MBC’s “Weekly Idol”. Irene and Seulgi said, “We were worried about participating in the program because we were the funniest member of Red Velvet.” The MCs, especially Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Kwanghee reassured them, “You don’t have to try to be funny, be as comfortable as possible.”


Irene was asked about the difference between the stage name Red Velvet Irene and Bae Joo Hyun (her real name). SM Entertainment said, “I couldn’t decide for myself so I asked the staff. They said that Irene is like cheese and Bae Joo Hyun sounds like soy sauce. I think Bae Joo Hyun’s name has a problem. I feel more genuine. When I first met you looked a little cold, but if I’m familiar with you then I’m totally different. “

Seulgi confessed, “I think I should be more prepared than ever when I know I’ll be on TV.”


The MCs praised Irene, who was dubbed the “ending goddess” because she was often the one who got the camera to catch the corner when the song ended. Many ending pieces of Irene quickly became famous and spread widely among the Kpop fan community.


Continuing with the idols participating in the aeygo challenge initiated by Hyojung (OH MY GIRL), Irene and Seulgi performed the song “Ottoke Song” in everyone’s excitement. Although a bit shy, but in the end, the two female idols still finished in a very lovely way.


Check out Irene Seulgi ‘aegyo’ here: