Arirang’s variety show ‘After School Club’ (ASC) will welcome the leader of rookie group TOO Jaeyun as its new MC starting October 13.


When TOO appeared on ASC in August, the production team, which paid attention to Jaeyun’s performance, sent him a love call, which led to the selection.

Regarding the reason why Jaeyun was selected as an MC, the production team said, “As ASC is a program that introduces K-Pop stars around the world, we thought it would be a great help to the program if we have Jaeyun, who can freely speak Korean and English.”


After the TOO episode aired, viewers around the world have flooded the show with requests to make Jaeyun an MC. “As ASC viewers have chosen him as an MC, I believe he will do well with a sense of responsibility,” they said. Jaeyun also mentioned that he enjoyed watching Arirang TV programs when he was a child in another country, so we hope he can understand and represent the viewers’ minds.”


Regarding the existing MC Jamie Park Ji Min and Han Hee Joon’s collaboration, the production team said, “We greeted each other for the first time at the pre-shooting site with Jamie Lee, Han Hee Joon and Jaeyun. We thought it would be very awkward, but Jamie and Han Hee Joon took good care of and led Jaeyun as if he were their youngest brother. Jaeyun is the leader of his group, but he grew up as the youngest child at home, so he also showed his perfect chemistry with the two older MCs. Please look forward to the perfect chemistry of the 3 MCs, which will be shown in the future.”


Viewers will meet the newly joined idol MC starting the next episode of ASC, which will air at 1 PM KST on Tuesday (October 13). The guest of the day will be GHOST9, a group that has recently released their debut album ‘PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR’.