Zico has released his summer album “Random Box” including the title track “Summer Hate,” at 6 p.m KST today, and announce the return of the music powerhouse.

This album is the first summer album to be released throughout Zico’s career, heralding the birth of Zico’s witty and witty album.


It features a familiar tone of summer stories that are likely to happen in everyday life, and Zico participated in producing the entire song, raising the level of perfection.

Zico said through his agency KOZ Entertainment before the release of the album, “It feels quite different from the previous release because it is the first time that a new album has been released so soon. It’s an album with less weight and more freshness, so I hope you listen to it lightly and comfortably.


Singer and actor Rain, who is enjoying his second heyday as a “gang syndrome,” participated in “Summer Hate” as a feature. Zico said, “I hope it rains right before the chorus, and as soon as I finished that part, I thought of Rain. Thankfully enough, he gladly accepted the casting request!“, he was satisfied.

The key point of “Summer Hate” is its witty lyrics that portray an unpleasant daily routine of a heat-stricken person. Like the “Any song” challenge, there is a “challenge part” that you can follow in this song.

>>> Check out ‘Summer Hate‘ official music video here: