Singer Zico has released the last concept photo for his 3rd mini album ‘Random Box‘, along with the dance spoiler for ‘Summer Hate’ featuring Rain.

Zico’s upcoming solo comeback has been causing a fever, and now it’s even hotter as on June 28, KOZ Entertainment posted a video of Zico and Rain dancing to the title track ‘Summer Hate’.

Although the dance spoiler was mute, the fun dance and bright expressions of the two stars promises to create another trend this summer, just like with Zico’s previous #AnySongChallenge.


Earlier, the agency also released the last concept photo of Zico’s new mini album. In the photo, the singer ran into difficulties while delivering random boxes. His expression, which is in a mental breakdown, makes people laugh he struggles to catch the falling random box. Also, Zico’s clothes are full of paint, which means he might have had a rough day. In particular, at the top of the image, the album’s name ‘RANDOM BOX’ was flowing down, being tired of the heat, arousing curiosity about the new album’s color.

Zico will release his new mini album ‘Random Box’ at 6 PM KST through various music sites on July 1. This is his first comeback in six months since ‘Any Song’, which was released in January this year. Also, singer Rain is expected to participate in the title song ‘Summer Hate’ and exert special energy to blow away the heat with Zico.