Yuri (SNSD) showed off her gorgeous beauty in the latest post.

On April 11, SNSD ‘s Yuri uploaded some of the photos of the recent situation on her personal Instagram account with the caption: “TOMFORD Scarlet Rouge. It’s beautiful.”

In the published photos, Yuri took a selfie with her long black hair hanging down slightly. Yuri, who created a highlight with natural makeup and red lips, looked somewhere with a gentle expression.

With a small face, ceramic-like skin, clear facial contours, and a pretty face, Yuri showed off her appearance that was no different from SNSD’s debut period. Netizens exclaimed at Yuri’s selfie. Her brilliant new publicity is currently viral on Korean online forums.

Yuri debuted as a member of girl group Girls’ Generation in August 2007.

Yuri made a strong impression on her innocent, pretty appearance when she made her debut. That beauty grows more mature and sexy, which is why Yuri is called the “Black Pearl” of Girls’ Generation. Looking at the present, you don’t seem to have changed much.

Yuri in the latest updated post.

Yuri is running her personal YouTube channel Yuri TV (유리한TV) to connect with fans.