Although the project group SSAK3 are rookie, their skills are very adept!

On June 26 “How Do You Play?” (MBC) has posted on SNS official many concept photos of Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyori, and Rain‘s project group SSAK3 with the caption: “Time to take me out of me that I didn’t know! Makeup over for 3 members of SSAK3 before debut.”


In the released photos, 3 members Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyo Ri, and Rain are showing attractive looks in bright costumes. Eye contact attracts the attention of those who are both free and seductive. In particular, despite being a rookie, their adept beauty exploded making people laugh.

Nextly, the show “How Do You Play” added hashtags: “Announced before A cut. These people are clearly not rookies. Linda G. B- Dragon. U-Dragon. Power artists. How Do You Play?. SSAK3xSuperstarStylist. 6:30 (Korean time) on Saturday night “.

Through this, the cooperation with Han Ye Yeon – who is called “Superstar Stylist” was revealed – is gaining more attention.

On the other hand, the project group is combined through the program “How Do You Play?” which will be debuted on the 18th next months.