Yang Hyun Suk, a former producer of YG Entertainment, was handed over to the prosecution while denying all charges, including threatening a public interest informant who testified about the alleged drug purchase of iKON member B.I.

The Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency’s regional investigation unit said in a telephone interview with TVreport on April 27 that “The police wrapped up their investigation into Yang Hyun Suk and handed him over to the prosecution.” They added, “Yang Hyun Suk himself denies all charges.”


A public interest informant reported to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission in June last year that he was threatened by Yang Hyun Suk to make a different statement on iKON’s leader B.I’s drug-related issues.

The public interest informant, identified only by her surname ‘A’, told police that B.I had purchased drugs from her when she was arrested on charges of drug administration and was investigated by the police in August 2016.

B.I is suspected of taking part of the drugs after purchasing marijuana and LSD through A between April and May 2016. He later admitted in a police investigation that he had purchased drugs and smoked marijuana, but denied LSD.