Are the recent images of Yeri (Red Velvet) similar to Jennie (BLACKPINK), but netizens think she is copying Jennie?

In the eyes of many viewers, Yeri is the cute youngest sister of Red Velvet. Having been criticized a lot when joining the group after Red Velvet officially debuted, but Yeri has gradually conquered the audience thanks to her innocent youthfulness.

But recently, Yeri has matured and changed her style hard to recognize. Instead of previously pure images, the modern Yeri prefers daring outfits that show off her body curves, cool poses with mysterious expressions, no longer smiling in all pictures.

Netizens quickly divided two streams of opinions before Yeri’s transformation. There are many people who support her, claiming that Yeri is now grown up and has the right to pursue the style she wants, even able to try her hand at many different looks until she finds something that suits her. But there are also people who miss Yeri, the lush and cheerful of the old days, advising Yeri to keep her familiar image.


Not to mention that many netizens find Yeri’s photography style very familiar, many photos make people think of Jennie (BLACKPINK). That’s why Yeri is being accused of imitating Jennie. It can be seen that some pictures of two female idols have similarities from costumes to expressions or poses. But is K-netizen too strict to conclude that Yeri copied Jennie just because of a few small details?