Woo Ji Yoon, who left BOL4 last month, indirectly denied rumors of discord with Ahn Ji Young.

On May 13, Woo Ji Yoon posted on her personal Instagram the streaming screen of BOL4’s new songs ‘Blank‘ and ‘Dandelion‘ with the captions “It’s been a while” and “Am I late?”. The photos of her leaving a comment proves that she still has a close relationship with Ahn Ji Young.


Earlier, Woo Ji Yoon had announced that she would leave the group, and Ahn Ji Young will continue to operate under the name BOL4 alone. Regarding this, Ahn Ji Young appeared on Radio Star (MBC) broadcast on May 13, saying, “I know there are many rumors about the bad relationship between us.”


Then, the singer emphasized: “It’s not wrong or getting unfair treatment and we are living very well. Hopefully, everyone will continue to support us”.


However, some netizens suspected that they should listen to Woo Ji Yoon’s stance, but Woo Ji Yoon indirectly denied rumors of dissonance when sharing BOL4’s new song.

On April 13, BOL4 Ahn Ji Young released a new song called ‘Hug‘ and is gaining popularity as it dominates various digital music sites.