WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon and Lee Seung Hoon went to support Sandara Park’s musical “Another Miss Oh”! “Another Miss Oh” is the musical adaptation of the drama “Another Oh Hae Young,” and Sandara Park plays Oh Hae Young, the former fiancée of male lead Park Do Kyung.

On April 12,  Kang Seung Yoon posted the following photo on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He captioned the Instagram post, “Went to watch a musical with Seung Hoon hyung!! It was nice and a lot more heartwarming than I thought it would be. Our noona (Sandara Park) does so well.


Sandara Park commented on the post, “My dongsaengs.” with affectionate emojis. Dongsaeng is a term used to refer to close, younger acquaintances or younger siblings.

On his Instagram Stories, Lee Seung Hoon shared a photo of Sandara Park holding a large bouquet of flowers and wrote, “Chukachuka,” which means, “Congrats, congrats.


Prior to his enlistment, WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo also showed his support for Sandara Park’s musical by sending over lunch for the cast and crew. WINNER and Sandara Park are labelmates at YG Entertainment.