Believe or not, there are some all-rounded artists that could slay more than just two positions in their groups. They not only nailed their main roles but even accomplish perfectly other roles. If you’re curious, check out this list of real aces in K-pop now!

NCT – Taeyong

Positions: Leader, Visual, Center, Main rapper, Main dancer, Lead Vocal, Face of the group


Taeyong is indeed the only idol to be in charge of most positions ever in the K-Pop industry. Being the leader of NCT means Taeyong becomes the father of 22 kids from different ages and personalities but he still manages well as the support leader of the group.

Move on the visual, there’s literally no explanations needed for this role of him. Owning the nickname as “The 2D figure” or “Anime character”, his handsome is highly praised by almost anyone will be impressed at how unrealistic his face is.

With the undeniable charisma when performing, Taeyong being the intimidating idols whenever he dances or raps or sings. Check the fancam of him below, you’ll understand why he is responsible for many positions.


Positions: Main rapper, lead vocal


Jennie is praised as being impeccable versatility in both rapper and singing, also a great dancer. Jennie conveys the fierceness and fire whenever she raps and when it comes to singing, her powerful voice touches the audiences deep in hearts.

Besides that, BLACKPINK’s main rapper also has the perfect duality between her on-stage and off-stage version, which is proved that she’s born to be an excellent performer.

In BLACKPINK’s latest album, she and Jisoo also join in writing and producing the group’s songs. And don’t forget she can play the flute, guitar, piano etc. Definitely one of the most incredible aces in K-pop!

BTS – J-Hope

Positions: Main dancer, Sub Rapper, Sub Vocalist


The main dancer of BTS but also has exceptional rapping skills as well as an amazing low husky singing voice. He also self produces and aids in writing the hits of BTS like Mic Drop and Dionysus.

J-Hope is a great beatboxer and is always praised for his incredible stage presence.

EXO – Chanyeol

Positions: Main rapper, Lead vocal


SM does have some main rappers but also has a good singing voice, such as Chanyeol. His deep, husky voice makes every rap line or the lyrics more soulful and mesmerized with fans. Not the best dancer in EXO but he’s still a skillful dancer.

Chanyeol also plays instruments, produce songs, acts and directs, too.

Red Velvet – Seulgi

Positions: Main dancer, Lead vocal


She may be the main dancer of Red Velvet but her singing skills could easily pass any main vocals of other groups. She has collaborated with a lot of other talented vocalists in the industry as well, with excellent dancing skills like BoA. And don’t forget her outstanding stage presence.

(G)-IDLE – Soyeon

Positions: Leader, Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Center


Since day 1, Soyeon has always been the one to catch the most attention from netizens because of her unique rapping voice, as well as the swag vibes. Soyeon is also a talented dancer in the group.

Must be a huge missing if we do not mention about her producing skills as the girl make most of (G)-Idle’s songs herself and also for other artists.

Stray Kids – HAN

Positions: Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Producer


Being a part of 3RACHA – a trio under JYP Entertainment who debuted before Stray Kids with Bang Chan (CB97), Changbin (SPEARB), and Han (J.ONE), Han’s rapping skills are just out of the world. He could rock the fast flow, bars on bars with punchlines every time but speaking of singing, this guy could totally slay a soulful song with his angelic voice, even the high notes couldn’t challenge him.

Besides, he’s an enthusiastic dancer and intelligent producer of the groups. With a great sense of humor, he is also in charge of the energetic – hyper roles when Stray Kids attend any variety shows. All-rounded Han is just perfect.