Do you believe that K-pop idols should just become idols and don’t interfere with the acting industry? Well, most of the time, idols who are debuting as actors or prominently known as idol-actors are criticized tremendously for their alleged bad or weak acting, mostly by Korean drama fans and viewers.

However, there are few Korean actors such as EXO D.O, Girls’ Day Hyeri, Seo In Guk, ZE: A Park Hyungsik, etc. who eventually washed away the criticisms and proved that idols can be actors, too.

Following the doors opening for K-pop idols to debut as an actor or actress, fans and netizens named the idols that they extremely believed will most likely to do well when they debuted in the acting scene, and here are some of them:

1.BTS Jin

Aside from his actor-worthy visual, fans think that BTS Jin has the ability and skills of showing various emotions, especially when he acted for their track, “Epiphany” MV. On top of this, the idol also graduated with a degree in film studies that’s why people believe it can be an opportunity for him to show his art and acting.

2.TWICE Mina

The Japanese K-pop idols always have the “Nation’s First Love” vibe in her appearance, with her pure and innocent charms that you will indeed love. Apart from her elegant and natural beauty, she has also showcased her acting skills in various CFs and MVs.


DK has already shown his acting potential and skills following his debut as a musical actor wherein he played the role of Arthur in a theatrical play, “Excalibur.” The male idol then received several comments, which the majority are praising him for his spectacular acting. Fans think if given the opportunity, he can make it big on small screens.

4. NCT Taeyong

According to a fan, Taeyong has the potential of being an actor with his various charms and emotions. His duality is adorable, wherein from being the fiery dancer and rapper on stage can change into the softest idol. Thus, his versatility can be his edge to challenge an acting role.

5. BLACKPINK Rosé and Jennie

Following the release of their first full-length album main track, “Lovesick Girls,” the urge of the fans to see the female idol debuting as an actress intensifies. Rosé, in particular, showed the image of a girl being so into a guy, but later on, experienced heartbreak-moving on.

According to K-pop fans, her acting is always on-point, and this is not the first time that she left everyone in awe for her acting in their MVs.

Jennie also has the potential to become an actress, with her emotional acting in their MVs. According to netizens, with her expensive aura, Jennie can definitely slay roles with a strong personality.

6. (G)I-dle Shuhua

Shuhua has showcased her acting in their MVs, CFs, and broadcasts which is absolutely spectacular! Fans and even her co-members praised her for having a strong impression on stage, with her powerful and full of impact acting.