As Wheesung currently faces new allegations of propofol use and has also recently been found unconscious twice after taking legal anesthetics, many have been reminded of what TV personality Amy said about the singer last year.

Back in 2013, Wheesung was suspected of regularly injecting propofol for non-medical purposes at a dermatology clinic from 2011 to early 2013. However, he was cleared of the suspicions, and his lawyer stated that the injections had been for health issues.


Then last April, TV personality Amy wrote a post on her Instagram in which she said that a close male celebrity friend she referred to as “A” had taken propofol and Zolpidem with her.

She wrote that after he found out she was being investigated by the police, she heard that he had told someone he might blackmail her by taking sexual videos of her. She said that “A” had called daily to plead with her to take the fall to protect his career.


When it was speculated that “A” was Wheesung, his agency stated that the allegations were completely false. Wheesung then shared a recording of a phone call between himself and Amy, and he said that the recordings were made with Amy’s permission.

In the conversation, Amy asked for his forgiveness and said she’d take her statement back, and she also posted on Instagram to apologize and say her comments were made due to misunderstandings. Criticism from the public therefore turned towards Amy.