Girl group Weki Meki is gearing up for their comeback with a new mini album in October.


According to an OSEN’s report on September 17, Weki Meki has confirmed their comeback in October and is finishing their last preparations for a new mini album. The members are said to have completed the recording, as well as the album jacket and music video filming.

Weki Meki, who is returning to the K-Pop scene after four months, released their third mini album ‘HIDE and SEEK’ in June and successfully transformed into a more sophisticated and intense image with the title track ‘OOPSY’. They made viewers’ move with their addictive melodies and easy-to-follow choreography.

Fans are looking forward to seeing what kind of concept and performance the girls will be deliver this time. The question of what new worldview and energy they will embodied to shake the K-Pop market this time is growing as Weki Meki is loved for their lively yet confident charm in each album.


Weki Meki is an eight-member girl group from Fantagio Music that took its first step in the Korean music industry by releasing ‘I don’t like your Girlfriend’ in 2017.

The group held an online fan meeting last month to mark the 3rd anniversary of their debut, and made special memories by communicating with Ki-Ling (their fandom). Rumor has it that Ki-Lings around the world could not hide their joy watching the various contents of Weki Meki, who prepared mini games and various stages starting with random dance.