Weki Meki’s Choi Yoo Jung and Kim Do Yeon have been co-cast in a new web drama.

On July 7 KST, Fantagio Entertainment officially announced that the upcoming web drama ‘Melo, Not Solo‘ (unofficial literal translation) will feature two girls attending an all-girls college after graduating from an all-girls high school. The characters, Bong Joo Yi and Ji Yeon Seo, will be played by Choi Yoo Jung and Kim Do Yeon, respectively.


In the story, Bong Joo Yi and Ji Yeon Seo are best friends who have been single all their lives. Things take a different turn as they end up living in a share house with three men, resulting in a chaotic daily life and the anticipation of a possible “first love”.


Choi Yoo Jung has recently appeared in tvN D’s ‘Cast: In-ssa Golden Age‘ and Kim Do Yeon is currently starring in the web drama ‘Pop Out Boy‘. The two Weki Meki members’ new drama will air online in the latter half of this year through channel ‘Seezn’.