Hongbin, a former VIXX member, announced on his personal broadcast on August 13 that he is going to enlist in the military on August 18.


“I will join the army on the 18th,” the idol told his fans during a personal broadcast on August 13.

Earlier, he was criticized by the public for disparaging senior and junior idols such as SHINee and Red Velvet while hosting a personal broadcast while being drunk. Hongbin left VIXX on August 7. At the time, his agency Jellyfish Entertainment said, “After careful discussion with VIXX members and Hongbin, we decided to let him leave the team in respect of his opinion.”

Hongbin, who is known to be attending Baekseok University, recently submitted a leave of absence to the graduate school to focus only on his personal broadcasting. Born in 1993, he has yet to fulfill his military duty, and as soon as he took a leave of absence from school, he was asked to join the military.

Hongbin is expected to meet fans with various activities, including Internet broadcasting, after his discharge. He wrote on his broadcast platform on August 6, “I don’t know what the future broadcast will be like, but I’m trying to make good broadcasts where I can laugh and chat as comfortably as before.”