Han Seungwoo from VICTON has come back with a new fashion pictorial done with 1st Look Magazine. And the photos were stunningly sexy.


The photoshoot was conducted to capture a different side of Han Seungwoo, who is usually nicknamed “Sexy Seungwoo.” Under the theme of denim, which is the most basic fashion item, he, who is interested in fashion in general, boldly challenged some unconventional outfits, hair and makeup concepts to complete a sexy fashion pictorial.


When the VICTON member took off his top, all the staff members at the scene were reportedly impressed with his perfect abs.

His 6 pack abs makes fans go crazy.

Han Seungwoo expressed his desire for various works and passion for fashion. The singer said in an interview, “I think I enjoy transforming. I get better results when I broaden my horizons by working with many people. I get a lot of inspiration while working on things I haven’t done before, like this photoshoot. I want to try everything I can do without setting limits.”


VICTON Han Seungwoo’s sexy fashion pictorial, fashion film and digital video are all available through 1st Look Magazine’s official account.

He’s called Sexy Seungwoo for a reason.
Denim is the theme of this photoshoot.