The song ‘Can’t you see me‘ is one of 6 tracks in the new album ‘Dream Chapter: ETERNITY‘ of TXT is a new album about 7 months after ‘Dream Chapter: MAGIC‘ in October last year.

On May 18, TXT released a new music video for the title track of album ‘Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’ called ‘ Can’t you see me’. The MV seemed to show a story not only about the adolescence that a growing boy might experience but also about inner wounds in social life. In the contrast of whistling sampling and heavy electro-sound, TXT’s unique cool vocal tone interlocks to reveal the lyrical aspect.


In particular, the connection between Taehyun-Beomgyu’s delicate vocals and Subin’s vague treble seems to add to the sophisticated charm of these music.

In addition, the Fed’s highlight point with a strong sound and the wide-ranging sensation in a variety of performance compositions express the individual faces of the conflict and draw attention to them as a delicate expression of their energetic appeal.


his is well seen in the movie. It expresses the appearance of inner conflict by adding a personal close-up with a serious expression in the middle and a refreshing youthful appearance to throw fruit and play freely.

In addition, the intense performance unfolding in the background of a burning house is considered to be a bar that expresses their youthful charm and sincerity in addition to symbolizing the active appeal to overcome them with the dramatic appeal of anxiety.


“The title song ‘Can’t You See Me?’ Is a confused boy who faces the fear of coming from a burned world after a magical moment and depressing between friends. This is an expressive song. For this purpose, the performance and symbolism of the friendship seemed to be broken even symbolically. “

Check out MV below: