Tzuyu arrived in Taiwan on March 3 and was directed to remain under self-quarantine for 14 days per the coronavirus quarantine policy of Taiwanese authorities.


The idol star is at her parent’s home, thus sharing pictures of delicious meals with a caption, “I really enjoyed it. I didn’t cook them but anyway, how are you doing, Once? I hope to see you all soon.”   


In related news, Tzuyu donated 50 million Won ($41,932.62 USD) to coronavirus relief efforts in South Korea and 300,000 RMB ($43,147 USD) to a Chinese volunteer group.


With the rest of the world dealing with the pandemic coronavirus, TWICE’s schedules were cancelled and postponed. JYP Entertainment then allowed the idol to go back to her hometown, but because of the mandatory self-quarantine policy that every individual should undergo especially if coming from a different country or town, Tzuyu won’t be able to go back to Korea, unless she doesn’t have any symptoms of the COVID-19 after 14 days.