On April 20, according to SpoTV News, TWICE will release a new album in June along with their 13 hit songs.


TWICE will return to the music industry after about 9 months from the mini album vol.8 ‘Feel Special’ released in September 2018. In particular, with this comeback, they will try their 13 hits again. Starting with the debut song ‘Like Ooh Ahh’ released in October 2015 to the most recently released ‘Feel Special’ song. All songs had swept the No. 1 spot on the chart. In addition, they are also the main character occupying the No.1 position on the chart of the most current girl groups and is the girl group having 12 title songs MV that has exceeded 100 million views on the YouTube.

The public is looking forward to this comeback. It is known that the Twice’s members have dedicated themselves to preparing for this new song. Currently, they said they were preparing for their last album and were expected to finish filming the MV soon. Twice – the group which is receiving much love from both country and foreign fans – is attracting public attention on how they will change through the new album.