Netizens on an online forum in South Korea recently pointed out 5 K-Pop girl groups that are currently very popular with middle school girls in this country. For many different reasons, from their songs, concepts to side activities… these girl groups are really winning the hearts of many Korean girls in their middle school years.

The 5 chosen name are:


Oh My Girl




Out of the five names mentioned above, only ITZY comes from a big company (JYP Entertainment). The groups are not so popular to the public, but they all have achieved many remarkable achievements in recent times and are increasingly interested by the audience. Many netizens also expressed their expectation for the future activities of these groups and hope that they will grow more and more.

  • “IZ*ONE and Oh My Girl fighting!!”
  • “So happy to see APRIL here! Let’s be even more successful!”
  • “Talking about middle school girls, my female classmates like Red Velvet, Oh My Girl and BLACKPINK.”
  • “For girls in my school, ITZY and BLACKPINK are the two top favorite groups.”
  • “My cousin is a middle school girl, she really likes IZ*ONE.”
  • “I suddenly feel so old, the female idols I liked in middle school were SNSD and Wonder Girls…”
  • “Wow, I’m surprised to not see Red Velvet and BLACKPINK here…”
  • “Not a middle school girl but I also like ITZY and EVERGLOW a lot!”
  • “Oh My Girl has a lot of teenage fans, APRIL also has a lot of new fans after the web drama.”
  • “Why isn’t here BLACKPINK, TWICE and Red Velvet??”
  • “Wow! Oh My Girl is really popular among the students!”