K-Pop can be a relaxing hobby, but it can also take up most of someone’s time, just like a “part-time job”. Some people only listen to K-Pop when they have free time, but there are also many fans in some countries who are so passionate about K-Pop that they spend many hours listening to music, watching shows, reading news about K-Pop idols.


Recently, a survey of 6,000 people was organized and the results were posted on Statista (a data page). The question of the survey was “How much time did you spend on Korean cultural content?” The survey was conducted in 17 countries that are considered to be most frequently exposed to K-Pop (except Korea), including China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Australia, United States, Brazil, France, UK, Russia, Turkey, UAE, and South Africa.

Here are the 10 countries with fans spending the most time on K-Pop.

Note: The number of hours shown is the month average, and is the average of all survey participants from that country.

No.10: Turkey – About 14 hours / month

Fans in Turkey spend on average about 14 hours a month to watch K-Pop content, which means Turkish fans spend 7 days a year for their idols.

VICTON at a concert in Turkey.

No.9: UAE (United Arab Emirates) – About 15 hours / month

In the past, K-Pop was not very popular in the UAE. However, in recent times, the culture of listening to K-Pop has become more and more widespread and a number of concerts have been held here. An avery fan from the UAE will spend about 15 hours a month for K-Pop.

SM artists on a tour in the UAE.

No.8: SOUTH AFRICA – About 15 hours / month

You may be surprised, but South Africa also has a lot of K-Pop fans and the people of this country are quite open to embracing the Hallyu culture. On average, they spend a bit more than 15 hours a month watching and listening to K-Pop.

South African fans wish BTS could visit and hold a concert here once. They made a bus project.

No.7: RUSSIA – About 16 hours / month

Russia is a country whose territory is located in both Asia and Europe, and so they are also very open to other cultures, especially Korea’s K-Pop. There have been many K-Pop concerts held in this country. K-pop fans from Russia said that on average, they spend 16 hours a month on this hobby.

GOT7 at a concert in Russia.

No.6: INDIA – About 16 hours / month

India has a strong movie and music industry, but that does not mean there are few people here who listen to K-Pop. In contrast, this country has a large K-Pop fan base, and they also spend more than 16 hours a month on K-Pop related content. However, it seems that K-Pop artists still have a lot to consider, especially regarding the cultural barriers, before holding a concert here.

K.A.R.D at a concert in India.

No.5: BRAZIL – About 17 hours / month

K-Pop is still on the way to conquer the North American market, but it has already conquered the South American countries, especially Brazil. Many K-Pop groups have had a very deep impression of Brazil because the fans here are extremely passionate. On average, they spend 17 hours a month listening and watching impression of Brazil (And do you know that Brazilian fans are the ones contributes a large number of views to K-Pop on YouTube?)

J-Hope held a Brazilian flag when the BTS held a concert here.

No.4: MALAYSIA – About 20 hours / month

The first Southeast Asian country to enter the rankings is Malaysia. Malaysian fans have strong finances and their support is getting more and more ardent, this country has become the ideal destination for K-Pop artists. On average, every month, Malaysian fans will spend 20 hours enjoying K-Pop content.

Red Velvet when they first arrived in Malaysia.

No.3: VIETNAM – About 22 hours / month

Vietnam is well known among K-Pop artists. The enthusiasm of Vietnamese fans is very clear, and more and more K-Pop idols have visited the country. On average, Vietnamese fans spend 22 hours a month, which means about 11 days a year, for their K-Pop idols.

EXO’s legendary performance with ‘Nguoi Ay’ (‘That Man’) – a famous Vietnamese song.

No.2: THAILAND – About 22 hours / month

It would be flawed without mentioning Thailand – one of the most passionate countries in Southeast Asia in terms of supporting K-Pop idols. Fans in Thailand are not only willing to pay but also willing to spend a huge time for their idols, that’s why K-Pop idols often visit this country. Besides, Thailand also the homeland of many big K-Pop idols, and thanks to that, the heat of K-Pop is even more widespread. An average Thai fan will spend over 22 hours a month for K-Pop content.

BLACKPINK at a concert in Thailand.

No.1: INDONESIA – About 24 hours / month

Perhaps many people will not think that Indonesia holds the top position in this list. In fact, K-Pop is so popular in this country that wherever you go, you can listen to idol music. In addition, Indonesian fans are very enthusiastic in taking the time to increase the YouTube views for the artists they support. On average, in a month, fans will spend 24 hours just to get immersed in the world of K-Pop idols.

BTS at a concert in Indonesia
Chanyeol and Baekhyun at an EXO concert in Indonesia.

Are you surprised with the rankings? On average, how much time will you spend every month listening to and watching K-Pop? Please share your opinion.