Hanteo is a chart of physical albums sold at official websites and stores in South Korea. Hanteo chart only calculates the number of albums actually sold and this number will be used as data for music shows or music awards. (It is different from Gaon Chart, which also includes the number of albums sold from labels and distributors.)

Recently, when July ended, Hanteo announced the Top 10 best-selling K-Pop albums for this month. From June to July, there were many outstanding debuts and comebacks, so the sales of the artists in the Top 10 are not less than 40,000 copies. Let’s find out which idols made it to the top.


  • Album sales are counted from July 1 to July 31.
  • It is not necessary for the album to be released in July.

NO.10: WOODZ – ‘EQUAL’ (Sales: 41,800 copies)


UNIQ member and former X1 member Cho Seungyoon had a successful solo career under the stage name WOODZ. The album ‘Equal’ was originally released on June 29, with more than 102k copies sold in June. In July, ‘Equal’ managed to sell 41.8k copies more, scoring WOODZ the 10th okace in this chart.

NO.9: AB6IX – ‘VIVID’ (Sales: 53,600 copies)


The album ‘Vivid’ by AB6IX was also released on June 29, and in June alone this album recorded sales of 63,6k copies. In July, the boys continued to sold an additional 53,6k copies. In total, ‘Vivid’ recorded 117.2k copies sold.

NO.8: LEE JINHYUK – ‘SPLASH!’ (Sales: 60,900 copies)


The UP10TION member’s 2nd mini album titled ‘Splash!’ was officially on shelves on June 30. As it was released at the end of the month, the sales was mainly recorded on July. And in July 2020 alone, Lee Jinhyukl has sold 60.9k copies, a good achievement for a male solo idol who is not from a very big group.

NO.7: STRAY KIDS – ‘GO LIVE’ (GO 生) (Sales: 62,900 copies)


Stray Kids’ album ‘Go Live’ was released on June 17. However, the JYP boys were still doing well with this studio album. In July, they sold another 62,9k copies of the album. Up to now, the total sales of ‘Go Live’ since its release has reached 212.6k copies, an achievement that makes fans feel so proud.

NO.6: GFRIEND – ‘SONG OF THE SIRENS’ (Sales: 72,100 copies)


On July 13, GFriend returned to the K-Pop race with the title song ‘Apple’ and the album ‘Song of the Sirens.’ The group’s album sales have increased since the first week with a record of 67.2k copies sold. When July ended, this album of the Big Hit Labels girls reached 72.1k copies sold.

NO.5: SF9 – ‘9LORYUS’ (Sales: 97,200 copies)


SF9‘s mini album vol.8 entitled ‘9LORYUS’ was released on July 6. Just in the first week of its release, this album recorded 72.3k copies sold, helping the group surpass their own previous achievements. When July ended, ‘9LORYUS’ total sales were 97,2k copies.

NO.4: RED VELVET IRENE & SEULGI – ‘MONSTER’ (Sales: 158.100 copies)


Red Velvet’s first sub-unit had a successful debut with Irene and Seulgi. ‘Monster’ with the title track of the same name was released on July 6, and it sold 158.1 copies in July.

NO.3: ATEEZ – ‘ZERO: FEVER PART 1’ (Sales: 208.300 copies)


ATEEZ opened their new era with the album ‘Zero: Fever Part.1’ and continued to make a big surprise. Although ATEEZ is not a popular group in South Korea, their large international fandoms were enough to help them get in the Top 3 with 208.3k copies sold. Even more impressive, in the first 3 days after the album’s release, it sold 208.3k copies – a desirable number for a group from a small company like ATEEZ.

NO.2: BLACKPINK – ‘HOW YOU LIKE THAT’ (Sales: 210,600 copies)


Many people predicted that BLACKPINK would get a very high position in this chart, and that prediction is accurate. After being opened for sale on June 17, their single sold 155.8k copies on its first day, and 204.3k copies sold in its first week. When July ended, BLACKPINK sold a total of 210.6k copies of this single. The group became the runner-up in this list, and they did this in a very respectable way, because ‘How You Like That’ was just a single album that included this song plus the instrumental version.

NO.1: EXO-SC – ‘1 BILLION VIEWS’ (Sales: 476.800 copies)


EXO-SC (Sehun and Chanyeol) had a spectacular comeback with the title song ‘1 Billion Views’. The duo released their first studio album including 9 tracks and all of them were carefully produced with stunning quality. With a powerful fandom, EXO-SC’s new album sold 269k copies in the first day of its release on July 13. When July ended, they recorded 476.8k copies sold, an outstanding achievement for a sub-unit.

Which of the 10 albums above are you most impressed with? Please share your opinions.