These talented Korean celebs were born in 1994!

These talented Korean celebs were born in 1994!

Incidentally, a series of popular Kpop beauties like Han So Hee, Suzy, Sulli or Krystal … were all born in 1994. In...

Incidentally, a series of popular Kpop beauties like Han So Hee, Suzy, Sulli or Krystal … were all born in 1994.

In any generation, Kpop also has talented and famous beauties. However, there may not be a special year like 1994. Because, in this year, the two most famous goddesses did not date but invited each other to be born. I wonder what special happened, but a series of female idols like Suzy, Sulli, Krystal, … were born in 1994. Recently, a post on Instiz forum caused fever when synthesizing the list of famous beauties with beautiful beauty born in 1994.



Referring to the top beauties of Kbiz is to immediately mention "the first love of the nation" Suzy. During a decade-long career, Suzy's pure natural beauty and goddess-right temperament have always been praised and praised. Regardless of the role, actress or idol, Suzy is so dumbly beautiful that the public cannot criticize.

Han So Hee


The second beauty representative of the beauty association born in 1994 is the emerging actress Han So Hee. She impressed the audience earlier this year thanks to her role as a minor in the TV series The World of Marriage. Han So Hee owns a sharp, seductive face, like a copy of the great beauty Song Hye Kyo. She has splendid beauty, a standard body and a very different personality rebellion.



Krystal is also a famous beauty with outstanding beauty born in 1994. Unlike Suzy, Krystal is famous for her cold, arrogant beauty, and a dignified charisma in the standard of rich girls. No need to follow a pure image, Krystal is still strangely attractive thanks to her sharp face, unique "ice princess" temperament.



There has never been a goddess with a unique, special beauty like Sulli. Sulli, the beautiful snow blossoms, is the embodiment of the perfect blend of innocence, clarity and charm and rebellion that nobody has. Although Sulli has left the world, the late artist has always been praised as the top beauty of Kpop in general and SM in particular.

Hyeri (Girl's Day)


Hyeri is the second most popular female idol in the period 2015-1016, even a direct competitor of Suzy in the advertising field. Hyeri's innocent, lovely and smart beauty makes many male fans go crazy. Reply 1988's Duksun is now more and more an actress, more charming, feminine and more luxurious.

Naeun (Apink)


Naeun's new doll-like visuals with Apink are considered classy enough to compare with Suzy, Krystal. Working in the entertainment industry for nearly a decade, experiencing many changes in beauty, but Naeun's sweet and feminine beauty is still loved by the public.

Kang Jiyoung (former member of KARA)


When KARA was a stormy time, the cute, innocent and bright beauty of the youngest brother Kang Jiyoung made everyone fall in love. Not inferior to other beauties in the female idol group born in 1994, Kang Jiyoung owns a radiant, beautiful face with harmonious lines, smooth white skin and a sweet smile.