The visual of 'oldest sister' in Kpop girl group

The visual of 'oldest sister' in Kpop girl group

Looking at the top beauty, everyone must be surprised to know that Taeyeon, Jisoo, Nayeon, … are the oldest members of...

Looking at the top beauty, everyone must be surprised to know that Taeyeon, Jisoo, Nayeon, … are the oldest members of the group.

According to common belief, the oldest member of the group must be the one who possesses the oldest appearance, style, and personality. However, for some Kpop groups, this principle is completely reversed. Despite being the oldest member, the beauty of these female artists has made fans confused many times. As the oldest sister, many female idols still have the power to take the visual position, there are even cases that are mistaken for the group's maknae.

Nayeon (TWICE)


Because of her pretty and bright smile, Nayeon has made many people "shocked" when she knows that she is not only the youngest sister but also the eldest sister of TWICE. Born in 1995, Nayeon is the oldest sister in the group and has 8 younger sisters. If you only look at the looks, many people will think that Nayeon is the maknae of the group.



Favored as "Miss Korea", Jisoo owns a perfect beautiful face, and everyone loves it. From eyes, bridge of nose to lips, Jisoo's forehead is perfect and reaches golden ratio. Although the oldest, she is no less than her juniors, even rising to take on the visual position of BLACKPINK.

Taeyeon (SNSD)


Born in 1989 and being the oldest member of SNSD, but Taeyeon is always mistaken as the youngest because of her small physique and unbelievable face. Who would have expected that this year Taeyeon is 31 years old and has been active in showbiz for 13 years. When typing the keyword "maknae SNSD", the search results for Taeyeon were even more than the real maknae Seohyun.

Irene (Red Velvet)


As the goddess of the SM empire, it's no wonder that the beauty of the oldest sister Red Velvet always makes people admire and appease. The beauty of Irene is considered standard and traditional such as oval face, delicate nose, small lips, bright white skin, charming and pure charisma. Despite being in a series of attitudes, no one can deny that Irene is worthy of the "goddess of beauty" of Kpop.

Miyeon (G) I-DLE


The oldest sister (G) I-DLE has a good-looking appearance, a lovely face with big soulful eyes, a high, sharp nose. Whether at the right angle or the angle, the facial contours of the member (G) I-DLE's face are perfect. Even many people believe that Miyeon's beauty is enough to compete with seniors like Irene (Red Velvet) or Jisoo (BLACKPINK), but perhaps not in time, so she hasn't "exploded" her reputation.


Solar's beauty is not a beauty product, but she possesses a very different beauty from pure Korean beauty, bringing new excitement to audiences. More surprising is that Solar will hit the 30th mark next year, but she still looks very young, not only compared to other members in the group but also with her juniors.

Hyojung (Oh My Girl)

Hyojung is the leader of Oh My Girl, who always appears with a gentle and considerate look to the members. Many people think that this girl is the youngest "young woman", although the youngest in the group, she is very obedient and takes care of the older sisters. But in reality, Hyojung is Oh My Girl's eldest sister. His cute face and cute gestures have made Hyojung mistakenly recognized as the youngest many times.

Eunbi (IZ *ONE)

Eunbi is one of the oldest trainees of the survival show Produce 48, and is also the eldest sister of IZ * ONE. The female idol born in 1995 does not possess the innocent and pure beauty like the majority of the contestants but has a luxurious, delicate beauty that attracts viewers. Even in her profile pictures, many people do not hesitate to comment that Eunbi's beauty is a bit like the goddess Irene.

Chorong (Apink)

The 2nd generation Kpop fans must all know that Chorong is the competitor for Taeyeon's "Kpop age hacking queen". This girl was born in 1991, 29 years old this year, but her face is still a teenager 19. The radiant smile, innocent personality and a childish face make the audience many times mistaken for her as the youngest in the group.

JiU (Dreamcatcher)

Even though it's been 3 years since debut, Dreamcatcher hasn't really resonated yet. However, JiU's beauty still receives special attention from the media and fans. As the oldest sister of the group, JiU has a mature, mature, sharp and strong beauty - a beauty that anyone wants to see. JiU's beautiful beauty and charismatic charisma are the factors that make her stand out among the members.