As two of the top Kpop groups, it is not difficult to understand when BLACKPINK and BTS having a lot of pressure because of their popularity. In particular, many BLINK and ARMY cried because of Jennie and Jimin’s breaking down in tears moments.

BTS’s Jimin

At the variety show ‘Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator‘, Jimin shared his hard diet plan during the promotional time of the song ‘Blood, Sweat, And Tears‘. He said that he only ate one meal a day for 10 consecutive days, causing many troubles for himself. Specifically, the fact that he fainted while practicing made Jimin’s fans were really worried about him.


He also cried while singing the song at BTS’ May 25 concert in Brazil. Jimin himself explained why he cried during his speech on day-2 at the Brazil concert at that time.


“There’s something I want to make sure to tell you. To be honest, until yesterday, my body wasn’t so well. But even so, I was ok, I thought that way because I’m able to do the things I want to do. But yesterday, the reason I cried and stuff is, you all sang together with us right? It moved my heart so much and it was such a great gift. Thank you so much. And even if today passes, the way you moved my heart and everything – I will never forget this. I’m really all better now! I really love you lots, everyone. Thank you!”


He cried because he was actually sick before the concert so his condition was not the best. He wanted to dance and sing to his full potential, but couldn’t, because of his sickness so he was really sorry and cried.

Recently, to connect with fans in the only way they currently can, BTS held their live concert ‘MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E‘ to bring everyone comfort. While many moments brought ARMYs joy, Jimin‘s ending speech didn’t only end in tears for him but fans as well.


As soon as Jimin began to speak, his eyes were full of tears, “Since the encore, I couldn’t really focus…” Rubbing his forehead and looking away, Jimin tried to fight how emotional he was becoming.

Jimin didn’t give in just yet. He attempted to solider on by opening up about how difficult the pandemic made their practices for the concert. 

When he touched on how they all felt to share the precious moments of the concert with fans, Jimin couldn’t fight back the emotion. He stopped and wiped his tears, “I mean, more than anything, I wanted to perform on stage with the members and share the happiness with you guys…

At the sound of ARMYs’ cheers, Jimin burst into tears from the warmth he felt. No longer able to speak past the emotion, he wiped his tears. RM quickly came to comfort him with a hand wrapped around his shoulder.


After gathering himself as much as he could, Jimin revealed how frustrated he’d been with the fact that he couldn’t connect with fans how he’d been looking forward to. “Like that’s all I’ve wanted to do… so I couldn’t really understand why this was happening to me and stuff…

Seeing the members make the best of the situation, on top of ARMYs’ overwhelming support, was all that Jimin needed to pull on his heartstrings. He bent over as he cried, “But during the encore, I watched the members having a blast on stage. And that brought me to tears.

To see Jimin so emotional and raw over missing fans had everyone shedding a few tears of their own. Though ARMYs can’t be by his side in person, they’ve made it clear they’re always beside him in spirit. Be prepared to cry as you watch Jimin’s heartfelt ending speech here.

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There is also another story in the past. Even though it was a past story, every time it mentioned, Jimin’s fans pity him. It was the fact that Jimin was unable to debut with BTS due to his dancing skills. Whenever talking about this, ARMY feel more love for him.


Jennie is a member who has a huge fandom of BLACKPINK. She has always been strongly PR with high top images. She appeared on stage with a cold face, so many people think that Jennie is snobby. She is also known to be tough and often conceals her emotions.


However, BLACKPINK’s members revealed that although the outside of Jennie is tough, she is actually a soft person on the inside and often cries.

Once, Jennie made the group’s eldest sister, Jisoo, cried when she was seriously injured on stage.


Specifically, when her group debuted in 2016, Jennie was injured in her ankle while the group was working hard to complete BLACKPINK’s first stage on Inkigayo.

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Despite this pain, Jennie determined to overcome it and took the medicine so she could return to the stage and completed her performance. Watching Jennie injured, not only BLACKPINK members were heartbroken, but the group’s fans also hurt.